Website tune-up

Want to solve a particular problem on your website without doing a full rebuild? We have deep experience in making improvements to live sites, and can help with donation form optimization, navigation changes, analytics setup and auditing, and more. Contact us to start a conversation about what you’d like to accomplish.
Cost: $2000 to $5000

#DonorLove tune-up

Is your website just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successfully creating and maintaining great relationships with your potential and existing donors? Want to dig deeply into your fundraising plan or board fundraising skill building? We offer live online coaching and training to bring your staff and board to a new understanding of cultivating long-term quality donor relationships. Contact us to fill us in on your challenges and how we can help.
Cost: $2000 to $5000

Data Analysis and Visualization

Many nonprofits have the data they need to answer their most burning questions, but that information is difficult to use ans split between multiple systems. We can help you integrate your systems and develop custom databases and dashboards for reporting and analysis.
Cost: As quoted

Machine Learning

The tech giants have been using AI technologies for years, and now nonprofits are seeing the enormous applications of machine learning and deep learning in fundraising, programming and other areas. If you interested in truly putting the data you’ve been gathering for years to work we’d be happy to discuss how these technologies can help you advance your mission.
Cost: As quoted


Need to just dig into one of our heads for an hour or two about what your biggest issues are and how you could solve them on your own (perhaps along with other members of your team and/or tech people)? Book an hour with either Adam or Carrie to help you address your technical or nontechnical problems. Examples could be:

  • Knowing your platform, what recommendations would we make that you could do yourself with some technical skill?
  • Walk you through a problem solving process, like how to get your board to invest in the website and/or donation form.
  • Helping you determine a project plan for a transition that your organization is facing, such as from donation form platform or CRM.

Packages are available in packs of 5 one-hour coaching appointments for the price of 4 ($1000). Sessions can be mixed and matched as appropriate to your organization’s specific issues.

Cost: $250 per hour (or five hours for $1000)

Custom projects

There are many other ways we can help you improve your online fundraising: full website redesigns, CRM migration, custom integration, or onsite training for your staff or board. We love big projects, and would be happy to discuss yours. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to achieve.
Cost: As quoted.